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Consider slicing to the chase (“Let’s get to the purpose. What can you offer?”). Search for tactics to chop large issues into smaller items, to hyperlink points and find win-win solutions. Save small concessions (preferably low-cost to provide however priceless to receive) to offer when settlement seems shut. If an agreement is reached, make sure to have either side sign a writing on the spot, even if it is only a handwritten MOU or Term Sheet to be followed by the formal agreement. If no agreement is reached, ship an e-mail afterwards, summarizing the problems and positions, to facilitate progress sooner or later.


Assess your Best Alternative to Negotiated Settlement (BATNA). If litigation is the choice, what’s the estimated timing and cost? Use BATNA to set your threshold for settlement. Try to settle close to their BATNA and through negotiations attempt to convince them their BATNA is worse than …

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